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Business Continuity Management, & Impact Analysis, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Test


A safe place for your activity:
web hosting, housing virtual machine
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Domain name registration and transfer, web design and web application,
GDPR Compliance.


Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Whiteready is able to ensure all essential functions of your activity, with a guarantee of business continuity and securing the company reputation.
As a preventive measure, Whiteready identifies the events that can potentially compromise the regular flow of the operations, reducing the relevant risks of interruptions or external intrusions and configuring a suitable structure in order to act quickly whenever you need us.


Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Whiteready is able to predict the impacts of an attack on a corporate network, accurately mapping processes and internal flows to identify weaknesses and defining recovery times and the resources needed to restore the normality. In the event of an attack, Whiteready immediately sets up a business continuity plan (BCP – Business Continuity Plan), indicating the steps that led to the event and restoring the pre-existing situation to the highest possible level. In extremely critical situations – for example, data centre fire, cyber attack, ransomware – Whiteready prepares an IT systems recovery plan (DRP – Disaster Recovery Plan).


Vulnerability Assessment (VA)

Whiteready is able to detect the presence of weaknesses in corporate hosts without performing any type of attack or system breach, through systems analysis, service enumeration and verification of published vulnerability databases. The Vulnerability Assessment can be applied to different domains: infrastructures and network equipment, wireless, systems (servers with different Microsoft or Unix-like operating systems) or applications (for example web applications, application servers, etc.).


Penetration Test (PT)

Vulnerability detection involves a cyber attack simulation phase authorized by the client to avoid a real potential attack.


Compliance rules

– OWASP (OpenWeb Application Security Project) Testing Guide
– NIST Technical Guide to Information Security Testing & Assessment
– SANS Common Weakness Enumeration
– OWASP Top 10
– External Testing (Penetration Test esterni)
– Internal Testing (Penetration Test interni)
– Black/ Grey/White Box
– Penetration test protocollo VoIP
– Configuration and Deployment Management Testin


Web hosting

Companies of all sizes choose Whiteready for hosting their sites, thanks to the quality of the service, the guarantee of continuity and personalized assistance.


Housing Virtual Machine & Virtual Private Server

We provide the most efficient solutions on the internet with a very high yield quality. With the Housing Virtual Machine & Virtual Private Server service, the contents of the web and other digital resources are hosted on a dedicated server at Whiteready’s data centres in Italy and in the UK.

Advanced solutions

Domain name registration & transfeR

Companies of all sizes choose Whiteready for hosting their sites, thanks to the quality of the service, the guarantee of continuity and personalized assistance.

Advanced solutions

Web design & web application

We have a team of experienced creative & communication experts with the user experiences, copy, developers and designers. Whiteready offers a complete service for the creation of a website, from creation to publication and maintenance.

Advanced solutions


Elasticsearch is a search engine based on the Lucene library. It provides a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine with an HTTP web interface and schema-free JSON documents. Elasticsearch is developed in Java.

Advanced solutions

E-commerce and Magento Specialists

Our Magento specialists have an abundance of expertise leveraging the Magento platform to create digitally engaging, multi-touch and fully optimized online shopping experiences focused on driving maximum revenue and an engaging customer experience.

Advanced solutions

GDPR Compliance

Whiteready offers a specialized consultancy for the drafting of the new data privacy policy document and the GDPR compliance and for editing the programmatic security plan.